Free Patch #3

February 23, 2016

My brothers lawyer was so ineffective he recommended my brother turn down the 15 year plea deal and go to trial then failed to defend him at trial resulting in a 40 year sentence! My brothers lawyer failed to call the eyewitness neighbors who made the 911 calls that night. He only called one witness, a character witness, my brothers employer, but never let him testify. My brothers lawyer told the only witness to go home and not come back, he wouldn’t be needing him! Objecting to the judge at the lawyers ineffective counsel only got my brother 5 extra years for “obstruction”! The lawyer slandered my brother in writing to the court and tried to withdraw from the case but the judge denied the motion after the lawyer testified his statement was false. No, the lawyer was never prosecuted for perjury! At sentencing the lawyer never corrected the pre-trial sentencing report that listed my brother as a “career armed criminal” which he did not qualify for. And during the whole case the “defense” lawyer joined with the prosecution in sealing almost all of the motions and hearings from the public record even though my brother did not testify against anyone and had no witnesses that testified against anyone. My brother has more double seals than any inmate in his prison that we are aware of. The prosecution and defense lawyer didn’t want the public to see this case.

From my brother: My crime: It was the middle of the night, I was sound asleep, my fiancé woke me up. She had just checked on the baby, there was a man with a gun approaching the front porch. His getaway driver in the car at the end of the driveway. I stood naked at the front door. He opened fire. After retrieving a gun I returned fire. He emptied 17 rounds into my home. I shot back 6 times. I should have spent more time at the firing range. I missed him with every shot. My fiancé was laying on the floor, he didn’t miss (she’s since recovered and moved on). The baby has grown up. I’ve been wrongfully incarcerated since April of 2004. I am truly innocent of the crimes I was convicted of at an unfair trial. My projected release date is September of 2039.

I was the intended target of an armed robbery/attempted murder and somehow became the “villain” and received a forty-year sentence. The confessed armed robber received reduction of his sentence for his false testimony against me (one of the people he tried to kill).

If by chance you are intrigued (or just looking for a wild plot twist in a crime novel you are writing), I would love to share my story with you. I have many legal documents showing that the federal justice system is far from just, and the reason why so many innocent people are forced to take unfair plea bargains rather than go to trial. I was offered 15 years to plead guilty to a different crime that I was innocent of. I refused and insisted on going to trial and wound up with 40 years. My mom taught me to always try and stand up for what’s right, even though it didn’t work out in the court room. I still live by those principals. I learned the hard way that the average person doesn’t stand a chance when facing a court that consists of a bias judge, a prosecutor whose only concerns are his conviction rate and maximum sentencing (even if the sentence does not properly apply) and an attorney who is not looking out for their client’s best interests.

Free Patch #2

February 19, 2016

On Oct 23, 2003 my brother was charged with possession of a firearm by felon in Carroll County, Hillsville, Virginia and the charge was noole prossed. My brother had a taurus .25 caliber pistol in his home. A man a few months out of prison came to his home at 2:00 a.m. and shot my brothers fiance in the face from outside. She made a full recovery in a few days. Federal took over the mans charges and again my brother was charged with felon with a gun. They started stacking drug and gun charges. There were no drugs (ghost drugs) and only one .25 caliber pistol.
The presentence investigation report was wrong. His base offense level should have been adjusted because the governor of Florida gave him clemency for the convictions that were included in the report. The report stated he is an armed career criminal and he is not. His trial was June 27, 2005 and he has been in prison since then. He received forty years and guideline range is one hundred and twenty to one hundred and fifty months and that is over the offense level. The defense lawyer did nothing to help my brother. He didn’t have witnesses supenoed. The one character witness was told to go home he wouldn’t be needing him by the defense lawyer. My brother is not a armed career criminal as the presentence investigation report states. He has been in prison long enough for having a gun in the house.

Free Patch

February 19, 2016

My mother and I need $15,000 to appeal my brothers conviction. My brother was given 40 years in prison for shooting back at an armed invasion of his home. The man trying to rob his home and shot his fiancee in the face only received 15 years. My brother shot no one and received forty years. He has been in prison for ten years. They have his records sealed. Please help us free him.

From my brother:
It was the middle of the night, my fiancee woke me up, there was a man pounding on our front door – he had a gun. The clock said 2:00AM. I wasn’t dreaming, but my nightmare was about to begin.

I stood naked at the front door. He opened fire. My fiancee was hit in the face. After retrieving a gun, I returned fire. He emptied 17 rounds into our home. I shot back six times. I missed him with every shot. My fiancee was on the floor, alive but seriously wounded. He shot her in the face. Miraculously, the baby was safe in her crib. Several shots went right through her bedroom wall.

Our assailant escaped. He was apprehended later after fleeing the state.

I was the intended target of an armed robbery/attempted murder. Several years later, members of the same gang were convicted of robbing and killing another man in the same area. In someway I guess I am blessed that I’m here in prison instead of being found in the bottom of a well like their other victim.

Because I refused to accept a 15 year sentence in a plea bargain as a felon with a firearm, the prosecutor forced me to trial and enhanced the charges against me. I am now serving a 40 year sentence. I was willing to accept my just punishment for possession of the .25 caliber gun that saved my families lives, but 15 years didn’t seem appropriate for defending my home and family.

Prosecutors routinely “over charge” defendants in order to force them to plead guilty. In my case, because I refused the 15 year plea bargain, the prosecutor offered a “deal” to the man who shot my girlfriend in the face. In exchange for his false testimony against me, he received a 15 year sentence. Yes, the prosecutor cut a deal with the man who was trying to rob and kill me and my family, in order to convict me for being in possession of a .25 caliber pistol that saved the lives of my finacee, our daughter and myself.

To enhance the penalty against me the assailant testified that he was there to settle a $130 drug debt. In the federal courts claiming drugs were involved drastically increases the penalties. There were no drugs. No drugs were found at the scene or anywhere else. The only evidence of any drugs was the testimony of the would be killer.

My lawyer was completely ineffective. At times I thought he was helping the prosecutor instead of me. He refused to call any witnesses on my behalf. He didn’t even attempt to mount a defense.

I’ve been wrongly incarcerated since April of 2004.

I grew up poor. I admit that I really didn’t understand how the courts work, but I always had a sense of what’s right and what’s wrong. I knew what happened to me was wrong, but I didn’t know what to do about it. Recently, I’ve been in contact with a lawyer who explained to me just how unjust my conviction was. My constitutional rigthts were violated. According to his independent review of my files and court records, my former attorney’s failure to impeach government witnesses, failure to subpoena defense witnesses, complete failure to investigate the facts of my case and a slew of other mistakes should entitle me to a new trial with a competent counsel.

Getting a false conviction overturned is not easy and freedom is not free. The lawyer will need $15,000 to appeal my case. The grounds are solid and the law supports me finally receiving some justice. Please help me to hire a competent attorney to overturn this miscarriage of justice. Thank you.

Finding TV shows and movies

December 20, 2010

Searching iTunes, Hulu, Netflix, Xbox Live, Vudu, and so on — at once, with a single movie or TV-show query?

There’s Clicker, Fanhattan, Google TV and TiVO.

Stan Laurel solo dvds

December 2, 2010

The Lobster/mk2 UK release is a five dvd Cinema Club set with two volumes. Volume one containing 16 Stan shorts and volume two containing 10 Oliver Hardy shorts.

The Lobster / mk2 French release is a eight dvd set with three volumes. Volume one containing 16 Stan shorts, volume two containing 32 Stan shorts, and volume three containing ten Oliver Hardy shorts.

The Lobster / Kino USA releases are as follows:

Stan Laurel Collection contains two discs with 17 Stan shorts.

Oliver Hardy Collection contains 8 Oliver shorts.

Stan Laurel Collection 2 contains two discs with 21 Stan shorts.

Alternatives to Microsoft Office

November 8, 2010

Downloadable office software alternatives to Microsoft Office are the following:

Open source LibraOffice

Lotus Symphony


Shout Factory

October 18, 2010

Shout Factory has released seasons one and two of The Paper Chase.

Laurel and Hardy Convention

October 18, 2010

The 17th International Sons of the Desert Convention took place in June 2010 in  Sacramento, California. The convention takes place every two years. A list of past conventions can be found on the Way Out West tent page. The Oliver Hardy festival takes place annually in Harlem, Georgia. Old film buffs have some great groups they can join like Nitrateville , the Laurel and Hardy forum , and the L&H newsgroup.

L&H’s March of the Wooden Soldiers is coming out on Blue-Ray September 2010.

Also, Patsy Kelly’s Nobody’s Baby has came out on dvd.

WB also came out with the complete Robin Hood series.

Robert Youngson’s Days of Trills and Laughter 1961 is out on dvd June 2010. Hollywood Revue of 1929 was put out on dvd in December 2009.

Vivendi Entertainment now owns the rights to RHI Entertainment’s L&H films. It was Halmark who owned them earlier this decade.

Becoming Charlie Chase was released July 2010.

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Lee Rychter

October 18, 2010

German actor Lee Rychter plays “David Darcy” in the hit German tv soap opera Anna und die Liebe. He seems to have a Facebook page too. Alexander Klaws, the winner of Germany’s version of American Idol, plays in the tv soap as well

Hinduism Goes Global

October 18, 2010

Anyone who saw the Al Jazeera segment “Hinduism Goes Global” knows that the Swaminarayan movement is building some of the biggest and most beautiful temples all over the world. The one they built in Delhi is like a Disney world trip with rides through India’s history. The film they show at the Delhi temple and that they showed a few years ago in limited viewing around the world at IMAX theatres called “Mystic India” is not available on dvd yet. But Jensen Media has bought the television rights and is hoping to get dvd rights too. Lets hope so, because without a home video release the story of Neelkanth will never be heard by most people. I doubt anyone here on the east coast of the United States that I work with or went to school with have ever heard of him.